Worship Reflex: Two Services

Worship Reflections Summer 14


Yesterday was our third test run on holding two service- but first, let me thank the Laura for filling in for Bobby and Rob Shields who filled in for drums in place of Isaac.  Many of you remember Rob from when he attended Celebration from back in his High School days.  It was great to see him back hitting the skins.  You may not realize it but it’s tough to “just fill in.”  It’s much different than say, coming off the bench in a basketball game.  When you come off the bench you are filling in for a while to give the starter a break.  When you fill in for a worship leder you have to take on the role of leadership and all the details that go with it.  You have to be a brave soul to do it, and so I am thankful to Laura this week, and Crystal this coming week, for filling in for Bobby, giving him a much needed time with his family on vacation.

Now back to the two services.  Everyone involved in pulling off the two services did a splendid job!  Everything went very well and really strong in terms of setup, execution, and attendance.  The experience has been strong enough to merit going to two services full time this fall.  We will be starting the two services on September 21, 2014.

But why go to two services?

The reason why happened yesterday.  Yesterday, in the first service, we had a brand new guest.  This had never been to our church before or experienced worship with us.

This turned in a connection card yesterday asking for prayer that God would help turn their life around.

That’s why we are doing two services.  We are not doing it because it’s the cool thing to do.  We are not doing it because our church has grown so large we have to do it to make room.  We are not doing it because I like getting earlier on Sundays.

We are holding two services for people like the one who turned that card in.  We are doing it so more people can experience God and follow Jesus.

Thank you for being the kind of church family that is willing to change for the sake of the Gospel!


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