Make Life Better: Start

Make Life Better. Start

We all have heard someone say is some shape or fashion that they need to be a better person.  Most of the time we hear it said negatively. “I need to stop smoking.”  “I need to lose weight.”  “I need to be more patient.”  We also hear it positively.  “I have an anger issue.”  “I have a drinking problem.”  “I need to be better at saving money.”

Sometimes we come to church, or hear a talk show, or come away from a conversation with someone thinking, I’m going to do that.  You get inspired, but in the end you don’t accomplish much, and you’re the same way you were a year earlier.  You get inspired to do something positive and you may even do it for a while, but in the end you slowly go back to the way you were.

Why?  Inspirational logic is pathetic and delusional.  People make a lot of money off of selling it, but it really has nothing to do with real change.  What you do day in day out is what really matters.  What you need is not inspiration but determination.

You think inspiration is valuable?  Then count how many times you had an inspiring idea or a motivational talk and ask yourself, “What did you really get in the end for it?”  Not much is probably the answer.  Inspiration is just that, inspiration.  Anyone and everyone can get inspired.

What you really need is perspiration.  What you really need is determined execution.

Inspiration looks too far down the road.   Perspiration is about here and now.  Paul tells Christians too work out their salvation. (Philippians 2:12)  Work is good.  Work is hard.  Work is daily.  Work brings satisfaction.  Work is where inspiration meets perspiration.

Inspiration is cheap and plentiful (unless you spent a ton of money for that video series).  You can hang the posters all over your walls.  Inspiration is such a small part of getting something accomplished.  The real question is how well you execute from day to day.


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