Life Hacks Preview: The Four Letter Word on Work

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LOVE is not a four letter word we associate with work.  It is too mushy and too cliché.  TO say you love to go to work comes across as artificial and shallow.

LOVE though is what can change your attitude about work.  Love works when see love as something we give and something we gain.  It’s focusing on how you do something rather than just doing it.  It’s to see work as a privilege and not an obligation.  It’s about making relationships a priority and to quit seeing people as a means to get something done.

So how can you show love at work?  Practice.  If you can see the powerful upside of loving where you work then these thoughts well help you.

P- Patience:  Accept people with their imperfections, weaknesses, demands, politics, no matter the circumstances.  Meet people at work where they are.

R- Recognition: Pay attention.  We don’t ignore what we love.  Focus equals fondness.  Love focuses on what could be and thus love is encouraging by nature.

A-Appreciation: Appreciation comes from recognizing what’s right instead of being hyper=sensitive to what’s wrong.  It choosing to focus on the positive even when you can’t ignore the negative.

C-Counsel: Don’t tell people what they want to hear.  Tell them what they need to hear.  Love is offering wise and insightful insight for the benefit of the hearer.  It’s easy to offer criticism right off the bat.  A thoughtful input shows we truly value the other person.

T-Time: Take the time to address the other person’s needs.  Giving the gift of time shows you value that person.  Take the time.

I-Instruction: Share your insights at work with gentleness, discernment, and selflessness.  The most effective teachers walk along their students as they learn appreciating their accomplishments.

C-Compassion: Of course we can all go through the motions-do the right things, implement the right practices and believe in the right ways-but how we do our work makes all the difference. Acting with passion and out of compassion is the difference between mundane and memorable.

E-Encourgement: Love is offering affirmation, inspiration, and motivation.  We all need someone to root for us and to hold us up when we fail.

Love, when practiced, is the four letter word that makes a difference at work.


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