Worship Reflex: How do let God hack into my happiness?

Worship Reflex- Spring

Yesterday I started a new series of messages called Life Hacks which are clever solutions to everyday problems.  They help make easier.  The Bible has a book full of Life Hacks called Proverbs, written by the wisest man the world has ever known, Solomon.

Yesterday we looked at the proverbial life hack for happiness- which was simply to let God hack into your happiness.  While this message was the introduction to the entire series and thus point of the message was the go after the challenge- the thought did come up in my mind- how do you let God hack into your happiness?

That’s what we are going to talk about throughout the series as we apply the principles we learned this past Sunday to our marriage, our conversation, and work.

There is another, more general principle, which will allow you to let God hack into your happiness.  Jesus said it in Matthew 6:33, “Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

So, to let God to hack into your happiness you need to ask this question, “What’s the one simple action I can take today to seek God first?”

This is important because the work, parenting, the conversations, that you will have will be putting the pressure on you, that is what will seem urgent, that something has to be done now.

This is why it is important to make sure you intentionally prioritize God first and then the worries of the day, in all the temporary questions and dilemmas you have to make decisions on, will fall into place.  Do you trust God to bring everything into its proper place?

And all you have to do is ask and execute the answer to one simple question, “What’s one simple action I can take today to seek God first?”

Some actions might be:

  • Read a scripture.
  • Pray in a private place.
  • Dedicate my words that I speak to lift others up.
  • Let my actions in my key relationships honor them and God.
  • Seek to be holy, as God is holy.
  • Act on Jesus’ command when he says, “Follow me.”

Chances are you know what to do if you take a moment and meditate on the answer.  Paul put it like this, “Keep in step with the Spirit.”  Galatians 5:25


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