Sunday Reflex 3.24.14 Will you be the hero?

Worship Reflex- Spring


There is something in all of us that is drawn to the hero. We love the news story about the guy who pulled the victim out of a fire, or a car sinking in a rushing river, or rescuing an animal that fell through the ice covered lake.  We admire their clarity of vision in the face of uncertainty.  We applaud their quick action while others stand paralyzed on the sidelines.

We stand back in awe of the hero, but the reality is each of us has been presented with an opportunity to be a hero.  A hero has a power and they use it.  Yesterday we talked about how each of us has power.  How will you use your power when the situation arises?  Will you be ready?  Will you be the hero?

For most of us now, there is someone in your life that desperately wants you to be the hero.  They are hoping you will stand by them.  They are hoping you will stand by your convictions.  There is someone watching you right now looking for you to rise to the occasion.  You don’t think of yourself as the hero but from their perspective you are one.

Who is a hero?  A hero is someone who combines clarity and their own power with an irresistible urge to act.  They know what should be done and not done.  They know what’s right and what’s wrong.  They know what their marriage should be like, their job, their church, and they take action to make it happen.

Heroes never feel courageous.  They feel afraid!  They just believe that something needs to be done.  They see the consequences of inaction are greater than the consequences of action.

A moment will come when you will have all three of these elements come together and the dilemma is will you be the hero or will you stand on the sidelines?

Your wife is calling you to be the hero.  Your husband is.  Your child is.  So is your boss and your preacher.  Everyone is rooting for you.  They are behind you.  Will you be the hero?  How will you use the power granted to you?


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