Worship Reflex: 3/16/14 Awesome Sunday!

Worship Reflex- Spring


Sunday was a really awesome Sunday.  I can tell you why in a few conversations I had today.

One conversation happened before church.  One lady approached me and said that she decided to go down and volunteer at the Crisis Pregnancy Center.  She is going to help them do some office work and help wherever needed.  How exciting is that!  As I said in my message today, when it comes to service and our missions groups we are not seeking to do a huge, big programmed, ministry.  Rather, we are asking for the Spirit of God to move in everyone and be obedient n what God is calling them to do.  Don’t wait for the church to get organized.  Be obedient to God and do what he has called on you to do!  If you wait for me to get organized you will be very frustrated!

Another conversation I had was with a guy who had invited his neighbors to church over a long period of time and that family came today!  He was so excited.  He also said that their reaction to our church family was extremely positive.  The visiting couple said I church was really different, but in a really good way.  It had ministered to them.

Someone else called me and said their faith has been reinvigorated.

Another conversation I had during the birthday party was another lady who had a friend come to the party.  He had been going through a rough and had invited him to come over a long period too.  She was so excited she came. You know what she said to me?  She said, “I’m being that key.  I’m opening the door to heaven for him!”  She is right!

How exciting is that!  God is really moving in our church.

Remember C3, God has not called us to come to church, but to be the church!  Let’s glow!


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