Sunday Reflex 3/10/14 Plus: What we need to do to build a home

Sunday Reflex

We are off to a great start in the GLOW (God’s Light Outward) Project!  My prayer as we entered into yesterday’s worship is for you to “get” you are God’s light, that you can make a difference, and together we can accomplish some pretty awesome tasks for the Kingdom of God!

I was enthused by yesterday!  I am excited about the next couple of months leading up to Easter!  On that note of exciting we had four more people become mission partners of our church, Robbie and Alice Lee and Glenna Stallings and Deni Roach!  Welcome to the family y’all!

One other item: I mentioned yesterday in the service that the Elders met with Malcolm Puckett of CFR (Church Financial Resources).  CFR is the company that will be financing our new home in Chuckatuck.  In the meeting we asked him what are the numbers, facts, trends, etc., that they look at when financing a church.  He said they look at five ratios and each ratio needs to be trending upward before entering into a building campaign.

Here are those 5 ratios:

  • They like to see at least 30% of the annual budget going to ministry
  • The long term debt amount to attendee ration to be between 3000 and 5000 dollars.
  • They like to see the giving meeting or surpassing the budget.
  • They like to see the attendance trending upward.
  • They also look at the debt to loan ratio.

Of these 5 we have met one, the last one.  We owe about $50,000 on the land (our only debt) and the land itself is worth at least $150,000 (The city assessment is actually around $200,00).  So we have an equity of at least $100,000- and yes we can use that as a down payment.

In terms of our giving or meeting the budget we are off to a great start in February where our giving exceeded the budget.  In order for us to go into a building campaign this fall we need to see Februarys’ giving over the rest of the year.

Concerning the long term debt to attendee ratio it was figured out that if we build a $800,000 building and average 200 in attendance then a family of five would need to give $1000 a year to the building fund, which is less than a $100 a month.

Something else that falls in our favor is if individuals in our church  choose to invest with CFR.  They have CD’s, 401k’s and the like.  Often, they will give a break on the interest rate the more the congregation has invested with them.  You can find them at this address:

If you have more questions or comments please contact me or one of the elders.  Me:, Elders:

We Can Do It!




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