Sunday REFLEX 2/23/2014

Sunday Reflex- Winter


This morning I would like to give a shout to the different teams that make Sunday morning rock each at C3.  There is a lot of work and preparation that goes into each Sunday morning with good willed people making an honest effort to expand the Kingdom of God.

First you have all the people who come in and set up all the equipment.  Every Sunday there is a group of people that gets all of our stuff out of the big box in the back and trucks it in.  They set up the stage, the coffee, the chairs, the children’s rooms, snacks, welcome tables, and signs.  It’s a big project to get done every week.  Every week this team comes together and prays for the service and lifts our church family before God.

Then after things are set up the praise team starts practicing.  This is the only time they are able to get together each week.  I believe they do an incredible job at seeking to bring us to the feet of God.  What you don’t see is the preparation each team member does to be ready for Sunday.

Then you have all the children’s ministry volunteers and the preparation they do.  Not only they are planting God’s love in the hearts of the children, they are also sacrificing their time in the worship service to be uplifted and encouraged.  I don’t say it enough but I truly appreciate the work that goes with our next generation ministries.  I did this for over a decade and the rewards are awesome and the sacrifice is worth it!

Then you have the “First Impressions” team.  You most likely see this team as the greeters as you enter the church- but they do so much more!  They set up the welcome tables, the communion sets, and generally provide an awesome and welcoming experience as you come through the doors.

Thank you to everyone who helps make C3 happen each week.  You make the phrase, “We can do it,” come to life!

In His Grip,



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