7 Insider Tips on Making Love Last Longer Than a Day

7 Tips


Last night I was at Wal-mart with my daughter Miriam.  She needed to do some birthday shopping and I… I had already done my Valentine Day shopping!  However, a lot of men had not done so and the local Wally World was hopping.  Roses, candy, and teddy bears were flying off the shelves.


So, in light of this wonderful day I thought I would give you seven insider tips on making love last longer than just one day.  Doctors Leslie and Les Parrot say these practices with the one you love can help you become healthier, more fulfilled, and happier.

  1. The “One Minute” Secret.  When you both come together after work spend one minute giving each other a hug, a kiss, looking into each other eyes, and talking.  When you come in the door: FIND YOUR SPOUSE!  If you are home first and your spouse walks through the door: DROP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND FIND YOUR SPOUSE!  When you do this you communicate love, warmth, and affection in a primal way.
  2. The “Most Intimate” Secret.  MEN- become a master masseur.  When it comes to intimacy it has been said that men are microwave ovens and women are crock pots.  One of the surest ways to relax your mate and make a physical connection is to give a 20 minute foot massage, caressing her neck, or a lower back massage.  This helps chase all the thoughts of children and the worries of the day away.  WOMEN- Seize the day!  Men are like microwaves! Make him an offer he can’t refuse!
  3. The “Cats and Dogs” Secret.  When you are in an argument call a timeout and take turns stating the other person’s argument in your own words.  This helps each of you feel understood and anger often evaporates when people feel understood.
  4. The “Last Laugh” Secret.  Make a list of five things your spouse finds funny then pick one and have a laugh tonight.  Couples who laugh together daily have less stress, better sex, and a stronger connection.  People also look forward to being with people who make them laugh- and that’s no joke!
  5. The “Lavish Praise” Secret.  Recognize and verbalize your spouse’s best traits to create a reservoir of good feelings and appreciation.  You can take each other for granted and people NEED praise.  Just finish this sentence, “I really appreciate how you…”
  6. The “Chemistry” Secret.  Keep your eye out for things your spouse finds sexy and when you are out buy a gross.  If she says, “I think you look great in those jeans” go out and buy three pairs.  If your husband says “I like that perfume” always have some on hand.  Of course, if thy enjoy holding hands, then do it every time you walk together.  Look for every opportunity to build chemistry into the relationship.
  7. The “Big Dream” Secret.  Build a BIG dream for your relationship and watch your life together take on new direction and passion.  Where do you want your marriage 10 years from now?  Here is how you do it.  Grab a piece of paper and write down 5 things you want your spouse to say about you 5 or 10 years from now.  Once you’ve created the list you have your goals.



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