SUnday Reflex 2.9.14 “Have BIG Faith, Pray Hard, and Work Joyfully”

Sunday Reflex- Winter


Yesterday we had a meeting with the majority of people who come set up for Sunday morning.  These are the people who come in to put up chairs, lights, the sound system, and the children’s supplies for the Sunday morning service.

Crystal Jernigan announced to the group that we are going to hold two services on Easter- one at 9:30 and the other at 10:30 AM.  In her talk she noted how when the idea of holding two services was mentioned she thought, “How in the world are we going to do that?”

You might be thinking the same thing.  How can a church our size, go to two services?  The answer is we can with faith, prayer, and hard work.

No one said doing church was easy.

In fact, doing church may be one of the hardest things you will ever do in your life because reaching people for Christ is not a task for the faint of heart.

Crystal went on to talk about the joy she has in serving with everyone and how she admires the attitude of doing whatever it takes to get things done.   She also spoke of how she believed this year was going to be one of the biggest years for the church.

Also, I want to brag on our church volunteers and family.  We continually make changes at Celebration.  We’ve changed the service, the structure, how we sit, what we sing, and you continually take those changes in stride. Now we are going to two services and the response I am getting is excitement!  How awesome is that!   You are an awesome church to serve because you get we have to keep changing to keep reaching more and more people. I admire you all for your flexibility!

Besides purchasing the land in Chuckatuck going to two services this year will be the biggest expansion of our ministry since I have been here.  I am excited about how God is blessing our church.

So please, as we move into a new world of doing church, please, have BIG faith, pray hard, and work joyfully!



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