FAQs about going to 2 Services

2nd Service FAQ



2nd Service FAQ’s

2 Services > 1 Church


At C3 this year our goal is 2/200/10.  This means we want to go to 2 services and reach out to 200 people by October of this year (the 10th month).  Below are some answers to commonly held concerns when it comes to transferring to two services. If you have more questions you can talk to one of the Elders or a staff member.


Why two services?

There are spiritual reasons and practical reasons.  Let’s look at the key spiritual reason first:  Our vision.  Our dream is to help as many people as we can follow Jesus. Starting a second service provides more space and another option that would help more people find their way back to God.

There are practical reasons too.  For one, it’s cheaper.  If we were to try and accommodate more people in our current service that means we would need to buy more chairs, more video equipment, and then have more stuff to set-up and tear down.  Going to two services is less hassle and lighter on the church budget.  Two services will also help our children’s volunteers.  It will give them a worship service they can attend.


What time are the services?  9:00 AM and 10:30 AM

In the 9 AM service a nursery will be provided, but no Wee Worship or Powerhouse.  In the 10:30 service we will offer Nursery, Wee Worship, and Powerhouse.


Will the services be different?  Yes and No.

Both services will have the same songs and the same message.  However, we are looking to have the first service have a little milder mood by leaving the lights on and have the volume a little lower.  Other than that everything else will be the same.


I like seeing my friends at church, won’t I miss them if I come to the first and they come to the second? 

Yes, that is a possibility, and is a natural concern when a church moves from one service to two.  To help relieve this problem we will be emphasizing 20-30 minutes in between services as a coffee and fellowship time in our morning routine.  Also, this is why we like for everyone to be part of a missions group together.


How are we moving to two services?

This spring we are going to do three test runs of holding two services, Easter, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day.  On these three days the 2nd Service Launch team will evaluate what worked and what didn’t.  The goal is to go to two services permanently the last Sunday of September.


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