10 Motives for Going to 2 Services

2 services


Yesterday in church I shared with you that we are planning on going to two services this year.  I didn’t have time to go through all the reasons why this is a good idea.  I thought I would share them here.

  1. Going to 2 services is a God thing.  God is all about multiplying.  Look what he did to the Israelites between Genesis and Exodus.  They went from one family to a nation of people.  Look at the church in Acts.  The church there went from being a group of people that could fit on a room to thousands in the span of a day.
  2. Going to 2 services solves a great tension.  We like having a family atmosphere but God calls on us to disciple as many people as we can.  Going to two services resolves this tension.
  3. Going to 2 services actually helps volunteers.  With one service a volunteer misses out on the privilege of worshipping God and hearing His word being taught.  This way, one can have the joy of serving and worshipping.
  4. Going to 2 services believes Acts 1:8 is something to be accomplished.  Read these words of Jesus, “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”  This is the mission God has given us and he expects it to be accomplished!  Jesus didn’t say bring the world to us.  He said go into the world.
  5. Going to two services teaches us to “go” and not just “come.”  In church culture it’s about coming to church.  But Jesus has called us to “go” to church and to “go” into all the world.  The difference is going and coming lies in the purpose.  People who “go” focus on following Jesus and taking him into their world.  People who “come” have a self-centeredness that sees church as activity you check off each week.  That is a bore.
  6. Going to 2 services will provide another option for people to find their way back to God.
  7. Going to 2 services is being proactive, and not reactive.  We simply will not wait for growth to happen to us, we would anticipate growth to happen.  We will make room for people who are not even here yet.  We would make room for them anticipating growth will happen.
  8. Going to 2 services isn’t about size, it’s about readiness. Our church family is ready to grow.  We have faithfully done Celebration for the past seven years and it’s time to open up space to bring in new people to the party. We need to start reproducing church, not just having church.
  9. Going to two services isn’t about our kingdom; it’s about God’s kingdom.  Celebration was founded on the idea of God’s kingdom invading Suffolk and the surrounding communities.  Many times the pushback you get from going from one to two services is friendships.  People pushback because they might see or not see someone from week to week.  This attitude is like fishermen who say they like to fish, but stay in the camper all weekend.
  10. Going to 2 services focuses our church on the edge and not the center.  If a church isn’t proactive about growth the tendency is for the “core” to focus on itself.  The will complain there isn’t enough workers while secretly taking pride in all the work they do for the church.  That secret pride is why no new helpers will come into the fold.  Being proactive about growth forces the core to focus on the people who are on the “edge” of church life and get them involved.  For a church to be successful the core must always focus on the edge.  This is exactly what Jesus commanded us to do when he told us to go to the ends of the earth.



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