Sunday Reflex 12.9.2013

Beyond Awesome Coffee


Each week Ryan, Elena, Susan, Clyde, and others come early, way early, to church on Sunday morning to set up our coffee and donuts bar.  It really is a labor of love to make it work correctly.  They do an incredible job bringing us some awesome coffee and treats each and every week.

You know why these people go to all the trouble of setting all this stuff up?  Relationships

We want to set up an environment where you can develop relationships.

That’s why we did the photo booth yesterday.  We wanted to do something to get you to church before church so you could develop relationships.

Relationships start in our church with the greeters at the door and continue with the flavored coffees and doughnuts in the welcome area.   Then beyond that we come together as friends and as a family of God to worship and celebrate our Father.  Then beyond that we take our friendships deeper through serving the community together in our missions groups, Bible studies, or whatever.

At Celebration, you will never see our ministers swooping out of the green room with our capes on.  Most Sunday mornings we are busy talking to you, setting things up alongside you, and looking to share a joke.  We like to be in the coffee area as much as we can, greeting people, giving hugs (well, some of us like hugs), and just chatting with you.

I think it’s pretty amazing what people put up with at Celebration.  We meet in a sound challenged, cold and ugly roller rink converted to childcare facility.  Our kid’s ministry is in exercise rooms and on the other side of the building.  We have had staff changes and program changes yet people keep coming back week after week. I think one of the big reasons people keep coming back is the relationships they share with each other.  I think one of the reasons why our church keeps moving forward is we keep inviting our friends and family to come to church with us.

Being available to you makes me vulnerable.  You get to see my flaws and shortcomings.  The great part about being vulnerable is you will never know what someone will say or do that sticks in your mind.  It’s powerful to have that connection- even for a guy like me that doesn’t like hugs.


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