VISION: 2 Services


Some of the BIG News from It’s the Event Jack!

At the event this past Saturday night I shared where I believe God is leading us over the next 3-4 years.  Here is what I shared.

We want to reach out to new people by staying small.  I believe there are many people in our area that larger churches cannot reach by focusing on staying small.  Of course, how do you stay small if you are reaching out to others?

This means that sometime next year we will be going to two services.  Please start praying about this step right now.  We are not looking to change anything with the exception of creating more space to reach out to more people.

What would it look like to go to two services at the Y?  Here is what it would look like.

The services would be identical and one hour long.  The first service would be at 9 AM and the second at 10:30. The first service would have elements that would appeal to a more seasoned crowd and the second more for adults in their 25-45 years of age.  While anyone can come at anytime the elements would be changed.  What do you mean?

Well, in the first service we would leave the lights on, the music would have less volume, and other elements that are similar.  To start off we would have a nursery and maybe Wee Worship, but no Powerhouse.  The second service would be louder, lights on the stage, and all the children’s ministries would be running.

There are many elements to be addressed but that is the basics.

Why go to two services?  There are practical reasons and spiritual reasons.  The spiritual reasons far outweigh the practical.

Let me give you the spiritual first:

  • We need to create more space for ministry.  Without spending a die we will double our space for proclaim God’s love and glory.
  • We want to give people more opportunities for ministry.
  • We want to give you more opportunities to worship.
  • We want to have more opportunities to share the Gospel. 

Our initial goal would be to have 100 people in the second and 50 in the first and then grow from there.

Our goal to break ground on the building in Chuckatuck is the spring of 2015.  We can do it!  All we need to do is come together and do God’s will- which is to disciple all the people we can.

You are part of this story.  We could not have reached this point without you.  it’s now time to write the next chapter in Celebration’s history!  Here we go!


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