You can be part of something BIG!



I wrote in my previous blog about how we can turn our momentum into results.  I want to continue that thought in this blog by saying God has something big started for us. 

In order to increase our momentum we are going to create an evangelistic culture in our church. Why?  The win is to see people developing a relationship with Jesus Christ.  70% of Suffolk does not go to church at least twice a month.  In Acts 1:8 Jesus calls on us to share (witnesses) his story.  You probably have a friend or family member who needs to respond to the Gospel of Jesus.  That’s why! =)

 Here are some of the initial activities we are going to do to create that culture:


  1. We need to understand everything we do is connected to the Gospel.  Everything.
  2. In the recent past I have just ended my sermon with a prayer.  Starting soon my messages will end each week with the Gospel.
  3. Every week there will be an invitation card to give to a friend or family member.
  4. An effort to have “no distraction” Sundays.  When having a service in the Y and dealing with equipment issues it can be tough to have a Sunday with no distractions.  Our efforts though need to work towards this goal.  We want nothing to detract from the Gospel.
  5. Inviting unchurched people to help on the Missions Teams.  If you are on a Missions Team invite a friend to come help out.  Anyone can help serve at a Pig Roast, or chili at the Fire Department.

These are just a few ways we want to start an evangelistic culture at our church.  What ideas do you have?


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