Turning Momentum into Winning



I’ve seen it in countless basketball games.  There is a team that is losing at halftime.  They go in to the locker room and the coach pumps them up.  He gives them a game plan to get back in the game.  Everyone is excited.  They chest pump each other.  They holler.  They come back out on the court with enthusiasm and vigor.  They are excited about their team, their school, and their chances to win the game.

The question: Can the team turn their enthusiasm and energy into the key result- a win?

This is my assessment of where Celebration is at the moment.  With our Start campaign we have created a lot of momentum.  I have seen many of you speak with enthusiasm about what our church is doing.  You are excited about each other and the church reaching into the community.  We are reaching the goals of our campaign this fall.  God has answered our prayers!

But this isn’t the win.  This is us coming out after a halftime pep talk.  We needed this step to get to the win, but this isn’t the win.

So what is the win? The ultimate win is to see people coming and growing in a relationship with Jesus.  There are several little wins that help us achieve that goal.

Here are the “little” wins for our church family:

  • Five first time guests each week.  We have seen an increase in first time guests the past several weeks but nowhere near five per week.  We are on the right path though.
  • 10-12 baptisms per year for every 100 people.  So far this year we have had one.
  • 15% increase in attendance compared to last year.  We are treading water in adult attendance.  In other words there is no significant increase or decrease.  However, we have seen an substantial decrease in attendance in our children’s ministry.
  • Current giving compared to this time last year.  Again ideally you want to see a 15% increase in giving each year.  We have not achieved that goal.
  • 50% involved in ministry.  We have hit this number.  Actually we are at about 60%.
  • 30% of weekly attendance committed to be a mission partner.  Right now we are exceeding that number at about 50%.  That is awesome, but it’s also typical of a small church that is not effectively reaching out into the community.  The dynamic is no new people are coming into the church family so the committed few do everything.  I believe this is one of the hardest habits for a small, young church, to break. 

So how do we turn the momentum we have created this fall into wins?  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Pray.
  • Invite a friend to church.
  • Invite a friend to a special event or a special Sunday.  For example, on December 8th we are holding a photo booth Sunday.  We also have the Christmas Eve Service.
  • Share your testimony.  All you have to do is tell them what life was like before following Jesus, how you made the decision to follow Jesus, and what it’s been like to know him since.  That’s it!  They just might ask, “Can I do what you did?”
  • Share your service to the church with someone else.  Don’t do it alone!  Bring someone along with you.  You are doing an awesome thing!  Share that awesome thing!

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