Because of You We Did It!

Pig Roast


  1. Great Leadership.  Trish Gross led the project and she did a fantastic job.  Projects like this rise and fall on leadership and  Trish and her team rose to the occassion!
  2. An ability to be flexible: One of the big hurdles the team had to face was discovering the regulations Suffolk has on events such as this.  As a result many of the original plans had to be changed at the last minute.  The flexibility to deal with obstacles and overcome was awesome to witness.
  3. It reached out to new people.  I was at the Pig Roast for the entire event and we attracts all kinds of new people.  One of the values in the Missions Groups was to get us outside of our church and put us in environments to rub shoulders with new people.  The Pig Roast did just that.
  4. It solidified existing relationships.  I heard many people talk about how they were able to catch up and talk with people they were not normally able to on Sunday mornings.
  5. It promoted goodwill towards the Chuckatuck community.  As a new member of the Chuckatuck community we demonstrated a desire to serve them.  Whenever you seek to serve others you create a positive buzz.
  6. We were Jesus’ hands and feet.  One of the hallmarks of Jesus’ ministry is he did not stay in the temple.  He got out, travelled the region, and spent time with everyday people.  He was definitely the people’s Savior.  By leaving our temple we acted like Jesus.  We were his hands and feet.
  7. It set a precedent for our future.  These Missions Groups are the direction we see our church moving into the future.  We want awesome events like this to be part of the very fabric of our church life.  We are definitely off to a great start!

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