Sunday Reflex 10.7.2013

Sunday Reflex 2

Yesterday Dave Van Buskirk of Christian Student Fellowship at ODU came to share about his ministry there on campus.  He has a wonderful family and had a wonderful message about how Jesus called him into this ministry.  One of the startling statistics he shred was only 6% of kids who grew up in the church attend church during their college years.   This doesn’t include the general population!  That is amazing.

Dave has a lot of work cut out for him doing a ministry on campus.  He is not only reaching out to kids he is also working two jobs; one to support his family and one to support his ministry.  Please pray that God will continue to bless and support his calling to the young adults at ODU.


I am so excited to speak to you this coming Sunday!  I am going to preview the START! Campaign and man do you need to get ready for God to move!  If this message doesn’t move you I don’t know what will! We are going to be well on our way to being a church that stays small and grows at the same time.

Let me introduce you to our campaign team.  These are the people who will be pulling this off!

  • Holly Scarborough- Church Breakfast and Kickoff Decorations
  • Michelle Rice- Communications
  • Kim Cease- The Event
  • Pete Ellis- Prayer
  • Susan Hoffman- Admin. Asst.
  • Stephanie Jones and Adam McManus- Video Story
  • Heather Loveall- Celebration Sunday Decorations
  • Pig Roast- Trish Gross
  • Chuckatuck Fire Dept. Meal- Jennifer Williford

This is going to be awesome!  Get involved and make it happen!


Church growth in America is vastly changing.  In the past 30 years church growth mainly came from people who grow up in church but walked away in their twenties.  When this age group started having children then the church came up with children’s and family ministries to meet the needs of those new parents- and those late twenty, early thirties people came back to church.  They presented services and messages that were relevant to young families   During this time you also saw the rise of Focus on the Family, youth ministries, para-church ministries focused on building strong marriages and the like.  Yet despite all that effort the divorce rate among Christian couples is actually slightly higher than the general population.  Churches grew though by emphasizing these ministries.

Here is the statistic that we should be alarmed with.  With each generation fewer and fewer of those twenty something that have left the church are coming back.  In England, who has been suffering from this a few generations earlier, is now under 10% of kids growing up in Christian homes returning to the faith.  While that number is higher in the United States the trend is no better.  It is going down.  No longer does a church grow by providing a relevant church service and great family ministries.

The way you reach out to the unchurched today is by providing places, avenues, structures, where we invite the unchurched to be part of our community.  We find paths of common ground and walk together.  This is why I am so excited about the Missions Groups here at Celebration.  Anyone can serve on a missions group.  In fact, I would encourage everyone to invite someone who doesn’t go to church to come help them with a project.

In the past we said come to worship and then get involved in the community.  Today it is backwards.  We say become part of our community and then come worship with us.


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