Excited to Get Started!

baby sTEP


Every morning the alarm on my cell phone beckons me from my mighty slumber to the real world.  It’s time to start another day.

My day starts when my feet hit the bedroom floor and take that first step.

On a summer day 25 years ago I said “I do” to Lisa and we took that first step together off the stage into a lifelong commitment to each other.

When I was 18 I remember my parents driving away from the college campus and me taking my first independent step of my life.

Then I had my children and the thrill they had when they took that first step and the glee we (Lisa and I) had when it happened.

I remember taking that first step into the swimming pool as I was baptized into Jesus Christ.

Life is full of first steps.  We can’t do life without them.

That’s why I’m calling this spiritual growth campaign we are to embark on as our first step into having a church home in Chuckatuck.  Our first step will be us coming together as a church family; Uniting together under the name of Jesus Christ; Each one of us building each other up until we reach full maturity.

We’re taking the first step because we see the end in mind.  We’re taking the first step because we are a growing church.  We are taking the first step because we have a heavenly Father cheering us on.

I think that’s pretty cool.

We can do it!



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