Building Campaign Update: A Bend in the River

Bend in the River.jpg


Let me tell you something before I tell you something.

I believe in C3 and I believe God has called on us to build a temple for him.  In fact, I believe we will break ground on this building in the spring of 2015.

Think of what I am about to tell you this way.  A river makes many bends on its way to its destination.

Our building campaign is about to go on a bender!

For the past two weeks we have begun working on putting together a formal building campaign to pay down the debt on the land and raise funds for a down payment to start building.

At this time, going through a formal campaign is not in the cards.  This is true for a number of reasons- spiritually, financially, and also in terms of momentum.

Due to these realities the elders thought it best to scale back our progress and take some steps leading into the campaign.  It was decided a “campaign” was needed to build up the body of C3 and then take up an offering in December to help pay off or pay off the debt of the land.

The staff and some others will be working on this project and I’ll be giving you updates on this.

In other words we will be doing a building campaign, just not a physical one!

I want to tell you how excited about the next three years at Celebration!  If we come together for the sake of Christ God is going to bless us beyond imagination.  If we have faith to step out of the boat, pray like our life depended on it, and serve as Jesus served us, then there will be no stopping the Spirit!


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