Six Things I’m Asking Celebration to Pray for Today

6 Pray



#1. This coming month as we come together for the BUILDING CAMPAIGN.  WE are getting closer and closer to seeing God move in a mighty way among us.  Many of us have never been in a campaign like this before and it might scare us a little bit.  I have never been part of one either and so we are on this experience together.  What I do know is that by faith we can do all things and that God will be honored. 

#2.  We are about to enter the GREATEST SEASON our church has ever known.  Not only are we planning through God’s provision to break ground in 18 months we are also planning on expanding our ministry impact in the community dramatically.  The Pig Roast for the community is just the start of something wonderful at C3! 

#3. Our youth ministry is doing AWESOME stuff for students.  This past week out at the new property 20 kids showed up for a bonfire and some of the best hot chocolate the world has ever known!  We are seeing Jesus blessing this ministry in many ways! 

#4. For the NEW PEOPLE coming to church.  WE HAVE HAD QUITE A FEW START COMING THE LAST FEW WEEKS.   We need strong people to come to our church to help us accomplish all God has for us to do.  We also pray for lost people to know the love and salvation of Jesus Christ!  Our church was founded on the vision of reaching dechurched and unchurched people. 

#5. For the PIG ROAST to be a roaring success.  Our team is pumped and ready to go on this venture!  Did you know we accidentally planned this event on Chuckatuck Founder’s Day!  What a day to serve people!  There will be a parade and other things going on- and we will be part of it! 

I have learned something new about reaching the unchurched.  In the past you would invite someone to church and your service and preaching would be awesome and the people would come back.  After this initial step people would get involved in the community of the church. 

IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY ANYMORE!  Today people get involved in the community of the church before coming to worship.  This is the beauty of the mission’s teams.  As we do projects for the community we can invite our friends and family that do not come to our church to come help out.  Hopefully, with prayer and relationship building this will draw people unto God. 

#6. Me.  PLEASE PRAY FOR ME.  This past year I went on what I called a listening tour with God.  I wanted to hear from him the specific message he wanted me to give Celebration.  After 8 months God told me this simple message, “Tell them: We can do it!”  Not God + us getting it done.  That is a given.  It’s us coming together as church family, working as the body of Christ.  We can do it!  I covet your prayers to have the strength and courage to keep this message alive.  We can do it!  


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