Why We Need You for Our Fundraising Campaign

We Need You

Here is the biggest reason why we need you to be part of our campaign: You are part of God’s plan for C3!  God has brought you here for such a time as this.  You are not here by mistake.  You have not endured for no good reason.  You are part of God’s plan to do something greater than yourself.

Here is another truth.

We have everything we need to do all that God is calling us to do right now.

I believe that statement.

It can be hard to believe because when you think of the scale of what we are trying to accomplish.  It can be easy to conclude that we need more- more people, more money, more resources.

We don’t.  We have God and he has brought us to this point.

When the Israelites were bumped up against the Red Sea they thought the same thing, until Moses raised his staff and said look at what God can do.  When the Hebrew army bumped up against Goliath they all shrunk back, until a teenage boy named David said my God is greater than any man.  They said a church couldn’t revolutionize the world with 12 uneducated men.  Yet we worship him over 2000 years later.

Moses just had a staff.  All David had was some skill using slingshot.  All the disciples had was words.

God is calling us to reach out into the community.

God is calling us to build a home for Him.

God is calling us to unite for his Kingdom.

He is telling us, you, that we can do this.

Why do we need you for our fundraising program?  We need you because God you are part of God’s plan for our church.


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