25 Politically Incorrect Reasons Why I’m Still Married

Tomorrow Lisa and I will celebrate 25 years together.  Here are a few reasons why.

  1. We live in mutual submission.  Ephesians 5:21
  2. We like to look good for each other.
  3. We embraced traditional roles.  We know where we can depend on each other.  It helps make the relationship run smoother.
  4. We prioritize our marriage over our careers.  Believe it or not, I plan on staying married to Lisa longer then I am a preacher.
  5. We prioritize our marriage over our children.  This has paid huge dividends for us as our children near the age of leaving the nest.
  6. We didn’t have sex before we were married.  I know that’s so unpopular these days but we believed 1 Corinthians 6:18 where it says that you ruin the intimacy of a marriage when you take sex outside of it.
  7. When it came to sex, we have sought to please each other, and not ourselves.  Sex in our culture is all about “me” being pleased.  Sex in Christianity is all about celebrating each other.
  8. We don’t drink.  I know for most of you out there this doesn’t make any sense and I don’t look down on you if you have a glass of wine.  It’s just our way of honoring God and staying in control.  As a minister I have ran across too many relationships where alcohol has skewed good judgment.
  9. We never meet alone with a member of the opposite sex.  I never eat alone with another woman or even ride in a car with another woman.  This is just a way we seek to form protection in our marriage from any temptation.  No, I’m not so juvenile that I or Lisa cannot control our passions, but why put yourself in a psoition to fail each other?
  10. We’re committed to work through all problems.  This means we really have to work at loving each other.
  11. We believe forgiveness is the greatest way to demonstrate God’s love to each other.
  12. We try to live by 1 John 4:12.  We believe that if we show God’s love to each other then our union will be naturally blessed.
  13. Lisa shows me unconditional respect.  I know in our culture you are supposed to earn respect, but we have learned that when we Lisa shows me unconditional respect I am motivated to show love to Lisa and the things she loves.
  14. I try to show Lisa unconditional love.  This our culture celebrates.  I have learned that when I show Lisa unconditional love she is motivated to respect me.
  15. We believe something good will good come out of our fights.  Believe it or not Lisa and I have a disagreement from time to time and it can get pretty serious.  But even from our earliest days of marriage we have believed that if we push through the dip our marriage will be stronger, and it has.
  16. We have committed to be submissive to God’s word.  We believe God’s word is the best marriage manual ever printed.
  17. We have incredible in-laws.  We both have commented how much easier our marriage has been because we have in-laws who treat with us with lots of respect.  It’s been a huge blessing to our marriage.
  18. The focus of our marriage is having a great friendship.  We just like hanging out with each other.
  19. We don’t seek to be secure in each other’s love, but God’s love first; and this frees us to love each other as God loves us.
  20. We didn’t move in with each other before getting married.  For me, when we got married, I was was in a world of awe when it came to living with Lisa.  It helped cement my bond to her.
  21. We don’t show love to each other in how we want love expressed to us personally, but how the other one experiences love.  For example, Lisa feels loved when we spend time together, I don’t, but we go on regular dates for this reason.  Lisa knows I feel loved when she expresses it verbally, and she does it quite often even though it doesn’t come natural to her.
  22. We appreciate, instead depreciate, each other’s quirks.  I won’t say them here but those gentle “odd couple” points in our relationship are celebrated.
  23. We assume the best in each other.
  24. We go to church together, pray together, and read the Bible together.  Studies have shown conclusively that couples that practice three habits have a divorce rate under 1%.
  25. We laugh at each other.  I know that doesn’t sound nice but it works because we can laugh at ourselves just as easily.

Bonus: We say “Thank you” all the time.

Tomorrow is 25 reasons I love Lisa.  After all, it is my anniversary!


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