Chuckatuck Update, 4/24/13

Where are we in the process of raising funds to build a home in Chuckatuck?

One decision has been made: This fall we will start a 3-4 year fundraising campaign.  What the elders are prayerfully considering is the process in fundraising goals.  For example, the first goal would be to pay off the land ($90,000) then the second goal could be to raise the down payment, and the third goal could be to have the first years’ worth of mortgage payments for the new building on hand (This would give us on better interest rate with debt to asset ratio kind of thing going on).  Once these fundraising goals are in place, whatever they may be, then we would break ground on the new building.

It may also be decided to build into our facility as well.  For example, we might build a 5000 sq. foot ministry center first, then the worship facility next.  Like I said, these are the items that are being determined as the Elders prayerfully consider the steps it will require to continue the ministry of Celebration for years to come.

One of the tensions that must be managed is one does not want to get in over its head with building debt and it management that we are not able to do ministry.  On the other hand you also have to be willing to take risk and trust God for his future providence in order to move forward. Please pray the Elders will do this successfully.


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