Resources for Sunday’s Message: Getting to Know You: Part 2: Jealous


  • I listed 5 questions In Sunday’s message.  How would you answer them differently today than what you did on Sunday?
    • Who are you tuned into at church?  What are you focused on?
    • What can you do to help you focus on God’s presence?
    • Is your church perception based on your expectations or on God’s expectations?
    • What does God want to tell you, but you don’t want to hear?
    • What relationship/activity is preventing you from worshipping God?
    • What sacred cows / trade-offs do you have at church?  How did this happen?
    • How can God’s jealousy enhance your experience of church?

Meditate on God’s Word:

  • Read Luke 15 (The stories of the lost sheep, coin, and son).  How do these stories define the jealous nature of God’s character?

Pray: Our Father in Heaven, I recognize you are a glorious and wonderful God.  I want to experience you in a fresh and wonderful way.  Help me to realize Father that there are no substitutes to you, not even your blessings.  Father, I repent of replacing you with your blessings.  I pray for a fresh Spirit of you upon my life.  Today, I thank you for You, and You alone. Help me, Father, that when I come to church I come to experience You.   In Jesus name, Amen.


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