3 Minute Sermon: Why did God create the church?

Why do you come to church? Do you come to be uplifted, to sing, to serve, to have a place for your kids to develop good character?  There are all kinds of reasons for a person to come to church.  But why do you think God created church?  God did not create the church for any of these reasons.  The truth is the reasons many of us come for are merely side effects of the real reason God created the church.  God did not create the church for himself.  God does not need our praise.  He created the church for us.  He created the church to be the place to meet the deepest need in your life.

The wisest man in the world, Solomon, wrote down a keen insight in the psyche of every human.  He wrote in Ecclesiastes 3:11, “He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.”  God has made a beautiful world for us to enjoy, but the pleasure we gain from this world is only temporary.  Beauty is only temporary.  Sex is temporary.  Power is temporary.  Riches are temporary.  Fame is temporary.  Even family is temporary.  The reason we cannot find complete satisfaction in this beautiful world is eternity has been set in your heart and only something eternal can satisfy that longing.  The only eternal person we can experience is God.  He alone can satisfy us.

This is why God created the church.  It’s to be the place to experience Him and his transcendence.  What is transcendence?  Transcendence is when the infinite meets up with finiteness, the limitless meeting up with our limitations, or our when someone who is all knowing meets up with our lack of knowledge.  That’s what is supposed to happen when we worship.  We meet God.  Too many times we make trade-offs at church and we come for friends, or to serve, or how many people came that week or how great the offering was.

If we want God’s presence, his transcendence to be with us at church, then we need to realize that all of us play a greater part then what we realize.  It’s not the just preacher’s job or the praise band’s job.  It’s our job to invite God to be with us and that begins with how we worship.  There are three do’s and one don’t to help make that happen.  The 3 do’s are to come ready, to participate, and be a testimony to those around you.  The one don’t?  Don’t compare.  Don’t compare our church’s worship with some other church or conference or even to those around you.  When you do that you merely rob the joy of worshiping with those you are with.  All you do is go home in a sour mood.

The church was created to find satisfaction for the eternity in our heart.  We do that when we praise him in spirit and in truth.  My prayer for our church is that over the course of the next few weeks that we experience God in a fresh, wonderful, exhilarating, passion that only he can provide.  We can do that by praying for his kingdom to come to Celebration.


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