Chuckatuck Update: Key Decisions Being Made this Spring 4.4.13

We have the sign up at the property!  It looks real nice.  The evening we put the sign up Adam, our new Youth Minister, was busy playing ultimate Frisbee with the youth group directly behind us. They were having a blast.  It was a fore shadow of great things to come.  I want to thank Clyde Sigmon for doing all the hard work getting the sign up.  After we got it up me, Clyde, and Alan Pudder prayed that God’s fame would abound a more and more!  It was pretty awesome!


We also have another first.  Our first payment on the property was on April first!  And that was no joke.  We are well on our way to having a home.

So how far along are we in actually putting a building here?  The elders right now are determining the best route to go considering the cost to build, debt concerns, and most of all, following God’s lead.  We have received an estimated cost from an architect that building a 10,000 sq. ft. facility (that can seat 250) will cost somewhere around 1.2 million to 1.5 million and this does not include the debt we have on the land (which is $90,000), and other city fees and engineers fees.

There are several options to look at.  We can be like one church that bought some land and it increased in value so much they were able to buy another piece of land and pay for the whole project.  We can try to build the 10,000 sq. foot building in three phases.  The first phase would be a bare bones building.  The second phase would be outfit the building.  The third phase would be finishing out the building as a full structure.  Another option would be to build a ministry center first (a place for youth group, feeding the homeless, a medical clinic, worship team practice, Life Group parties, and the like) and then the worship area second.   Much wisdom is needed.

Also, we don’t want to get so much in debt and so overloaded in putting up the building that we forget about ministry and tie up so much of our resources that we cannot do ministry.  A church in Chesapeake recently claimed bankruptcy and shut down due to this very reason.  I know of another church that has been limited in resources for years because they have too much debt load.  The leadership does not want to make this mistake.

One concern I have is fitting into the community of Chuckatuck.  There is already a healthy church community here and would like to let them know we are partners in ministry, and not looking to take their members!  I also believe we have a great chance at becoming a multi-ethnic church as we inch closer to Chuckatuck.  It’s my prayer that we will achieve this goal.

Some key decisions will be made here in April and May.  Please talk to the Elders about your feelings and ideas.  They welcome your input.  Most of all, pray!  Pray hard and fast too.  When we pray, God works!


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