Three Parts of a Great Quiet Time with God.

One activity we encourage at C3 is for everyone to have a quiet time with God.  For most thought is a tough experience.  We spend so little time in quiet that to do so seems laborious, boring, and non-engaging.  Yet snuggled in a  passage of scripture in Exodus, easily read over, tells us why this time is so important in our relationship with God.

In Exodus 34 we read about Moses spending some alone time with God.   Look at what happens.  Exodus 34:5 says, “Then the LORD came down in the cloud and stood there with him and proclaimed his name, the LORD.”  In this verse we discover what makes a private time with God so awesome.

First, God comes down.  He doesn’t stay in heaven.  He doesn’t sit quietly above you.  He comes down.  He is with you in real time and in a real place.  God’s desire with man, starting with Adam, was to be able to be with him.  He created us to have a real time relationship him.  When you take time to be quiet with God you give him the opportunity to be with you.  No amount of activity can make up for this time alone with God, not even Christian sanctioned stuff.

Secondly, God stood there with him.  What are you doing when you stand with someone?  You are pledging your loyalty, your faithfulness, and your commitment to this person.  In your quiet time you not only find a gracious and awesome God, but a God that stands by you and is for you.  He gives you the confidence to move through your day without fear.  This reminds of the verse in Romans when Paul states that if God is for us who can be against us?  You learn the answer to that question by spending time with God.

Thirdly, and this is the part that intrigues me the most, is God proclaimed his name.  I find this fascinating because as a preacher I am charged with proclaiming God’s name.  I take this so seriously that sometimes I forget that I need God’s name proclaimed to me!  I need his truth, his life, his Word spoken into my spirit and soul- and so do you- on a daily basis.  When God proclaims his name he proclaims his nature, character, personality, and standards of living into your soul.  It even includes the idea of mercy and compassion.  In this time of quiet you are challenged to live a greater life, a holier life, a godly life all in the context of God’s love.  It is an amazing moment to be enveloped in.

All of this comes when we decide to have some quiet time with God.  Quiet time doesn’t mean unproductive time.  It is an essential time for your heart, soul, and mind.


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