The Resurrection Changes the Outlook of Your Future

Yesterday was Easter and at C3 we looked at the resurrection of Jesus Christ (Seems appropriate doesn’t it?).  We said that we don’t believe in the resurrection just because the Bible says so.  We believe it because credible witnesses like Matthew, Peter, John, and Mary Magdalene saw Jesus die, saw Jesus put in the tomb, and they saw the risen, resurrected Jesus!  Jesus just didn’t rise from the dead either.  He rose with a resurrected body, an indestructible body, and a spiritual body.  When Jesus rose from the dead he fundamentally changed the universe.  Death no longer limits you.

According to First Corinthians Jesus isn’t the only one to be resurrected.  All those who believe on Him will be resurrected as well. Those who belong to Jesus will share in the resurrection of their bodies.  Jesus was just the first one and just as sure as you have a natural body you can rest assured you will receive this spiritual one.  And when that day comes you will say, “Where, O death is the victory?  Where, O death, is your sting?”

This means that if you are a parent you have an incredible gift to give your child in the face of the evils in this world.  You can give them a hope in Jesus Christ and the promise that they will live forever.  If you have faced death in your relationships and have a scarred heart you can rest in the hope that one day every tear will be wiped away and that the dead parts of your heart can be resurrected through the life of Jesus.  If you face disease and cancer you can know that this world with sicknesses cannot take your dreams away.  You do not have to live at the mercy of this world because you know that you will live forever.  If your life is in transition and you don’t know how things are going to turn out you can know that Jesus has gone on before you just as he had gone on before in the resurrection.

Living in the resurrection allows you to love recklessly just as Jesus did.  He touched the lepers, the unclean women, and ate with sinners.  Why?  Because Jesus knew he was going to live forever.  You now have that same truth in your life through Christ.  You now can love without abandon.  Easter is an event that happened 2000 years ago that still impacts what is happening today and changes the outlook you have on your future!


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