14 Proofs of Jesus Resurrection

Here is a list of 14 evidences that Jesus’ rose from the dead.

  1. Jesus historically existed.
  2. Jesus died.
  3. He died shamefully on a cross.
  4. Joseph’s tomb.
  5. Women witnesses (who were regarded as unreliable in Jesus’ time).
  6. Even the ancient theories that said this didn’t happen acknowledge that Jesus died, was buried, and the tomb was empty.
  7. Tomb was guarded.
  8. We have independent accounts of the same story.
  9. Clopas and the other guy as eyewitnesses.
  10. Brother James (Would you call your brother the risen Son of God?  I mean, really?  James did.)
  11. John was an eyewitness of Jesus’ death, the empty tomb, and seeing the resurrected Jesus.
  12. The ancient world was very skeptical of even the concept of resurrection.  Hence, the heresies of Gnosticism and the like.
  13. Paul’s conversion.  His experience of Christ was independent of the other apostles.
  14. Paul’s Gentile mission.  Paul was once a persecutor of the church but after encountering Christ he became its biggest messenger.

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