Ministry Highlight: Tracy Pudder

If you get sick or have something done at the hospital you probably will not get a call from me, but from Tracy Pudder.  Why?

A few weeks ago I got an e-mail from Tracy asking me about calling on people when they are sick.  She felt led by God to step out of her comfort zone and reach out to others.  When she shared with me her desire we set up a simple plan.  I would let her know about people that she could call on and she would do it!

Tracy will be (and is) awesome at this ministry.  She has a genuine care for people along with a shoot it straight attitude.  I have really enjoyed my friendship with Tracy for those two reasons and I believe they are incredible assets when ministering to people.  Tracy is married to Alan Pudder in our church along with being a mom to Anna and Sam.

Sometimes, the perception about a church is that you are not really cared for by the church until the preacher shows up, as if his prayers matter more than a fellow brother and sister in Christ.  I want to dispel that notion in our church.  The Apostle Peter teaches that we are all ministers and quite frankly I believe the prayers from someone else in our church family are worth far more than a “professional” prayer.

So I welcome Tracy to our ministry team!  I recently called her about someone to call and she made the reply, “I enjoy it.”  That’s what happens when you follow the prompting of God.  You are nervous at first but when you do it you receive his blessing.  Now that’s awesomeness!


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