10 Complaints I Would Like to Hear at Church

There are two kinds of complaints at church: self-oriented and God oriented.  Below is my attempt at complaints about church that would be God oriented.

  1. Why aren’t we seeing more people being baptized / surrendering to Jesus? (Jesus died for this to happen)
  2. Why aren’t we seeing lot of new people involved in ministry? (God wants us to use our talents to expand his kingdom on earth.)
  3. How can we get more people active in serving the community? (God wants us to be the salt of the earth.)
  4. We get too involved in worship. My heart just gets enraptured with God.  It’s a little intense.  (God wants worship to focus on him.  He is the audience.)
  5. I wish I could find a seat up close to the front. (God wants us to be passionate in our worship.  This is a witness to him and attracts people to him.)
  6. I think we like seeing each other more than seeing God on Sunday morning.  That’s a problem. (While Christian fellowship is awesome worship isn’t worship unless it’s about God.)
  7. Who can I mentor in the faith?  I need someone I can invest my faith in.  (The Bible is clear that older Christians are to mentor younger Christians.)
  8. I wish our worship would be more focused on the vision God has given us.  (God has a unique vision for our church family, and he expects us to accomplish it.)
  9. Our offerings have been too high.  (God wants us to be a generous and strong church).
  10. Our Sunday morning needs to be a place where the lost can experience Jesus.  The church is for the sick, not the healthy.  (again, if we are truly living out the ethos of Jesus in our worship will be attractive to the lost.  As his body we are to seek and save the lost.)

What’s the nature of your complaints about church?  Are they self-oriented or God oriented?    If God came to your church what would he complain about?


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