Sunday Message Preview: The Power of a Making a Decision

We all love generous people in our life.  The problem is we can struggle being that generous person in someone else’s life!  How can we become a more generous person?  The answer is simple.  Make the decision to be a generous person.

You cannot lose weight until you make the decision to lose weight.  You cannot become great at playing a sport or a musical instrument without making the decision to do it.  Even if you have God given talent you have to make the decision to use that talent for it to be productive.

The same thing is true with becoming a generous person.  Your heavenly Father wants you to reflect his generosity to you by being generous to others.  It’s not about not having enough to be generous.  It’s about being generous with what God has given you.

This Sunday we are going to talk about some key decisions you need to make to become the generous person God wants you to become.  Before you take the first step of faith you have to make a decision to take that step.  Find out what those steps are concerning your generosity Sunday.


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