The Price of Reaching People for Jesus: Being Uncomfortable

It’s hard to imagine saying this in light of my sisters and brothers in Christ who truly suffer for the Gospel of Jesus Christ (in India and other parts of the world), but most of the time in America the price to reach someone for Jesus is a willingness to be uncomfortable: A willingness to be uncomfortable at church, in their personal life, at work, even in friendships.

Being comfortable is overrated.  It leads to complacency. How many times have you heard someone say their church or they themselves reached someone for Jesus with this testimony, “I just became comfortable and I let my guard down.”  That’s what being comfortable does to you, it’s easy, it’s nice, it’s fun and it leads to a life of settling and an extra tire around the waist.

If you want to make a difference for Christ in your world, if Celebration (c3) is going to change Suffolk and the surrounding area, you/we can’t settle for being comfortable.  The power of the Gospel is God’s people, bought through the uncomfortable blood of His Son, choosing to get uncomfortable for Him.  When you get uncomfortable for Christ you have to dig down deep into the reservoirs of your faithfulness and the underground lakes of greatness he has placed in you.  You choose to be tested an not rested.  The more you dance outside of your comfort zone, the higher your faith will rise, and you will realize this is where success is found (on the edges Luke 15).

If church is a safe place for you, where you always feel comfortable seeing the same good friends, seating in that same seat, singing with the same attitude as last week, there is a good chance you are playing it safe.  Celebration, GET READY, because God isn’t playing it safe!

God is willing to make us uncomfortable to get us to seek and save the lost.    Don’t believe me?  Read Acts 6:8 – 8:8.  The question is are we willing to get on board with God’s plan and get uncomfortable for Him?


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