Two Big Time Servants at Our Church: Wayne and Clyde

We have two deacons at our church, Wayne Hoffman and Clyde Sigmon.

What are Deacons?  Deacons were created in the early church when a conflict arose concerning favoritism.  In Acts 6 the some Christian widows from a Greek background were complaining that the widows from the Jewish background were being shown favoritism in meeting their needs.  Out of this conflict the apostles selected deacons to take care of this need.

Deacon means servant or literally, dirty feet people.  One of the common roles of a servant was to wash people’s feet before entering a home after walking on a dusty road.  This is the image of a deacon.

Wayne and Clyde have been serving the church for years as coordinators of our set-up and tear down at the church.  In the process they have given many years of servanthood in too many ways to count.  They are extremely faithful in their service to the Lord and their faithfulness has helped many people gain a faith in Christ.  That’s something to crow about.

So next time you see Wayne and Clyde please give them a hug or shake their hand and say, “Thanks.”  Gratitude is the highest compliment you can give a servant with a servant’s heart!


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