3 Minute Sermon: If God is Good Then Why Do I Hurt?

The problem with the pain we have in life is it’s personal.  Dealing with this issue is not an academic issue.  It is a heart issue.  It is a soul issue.  Whether you’ve been hurt directly or indirectly, logical arguments fall short.  They are worth considering though.

One assumption we make in our question is that we know what good is.  We say we get to define it.  The truth only God gets to define what good is.  Anything else is idolatry.  Secondly, just because we think something is pointless doesn’t mean it’s pointless.  We know from personal experience that we can grow from the pain we experience in our life.

God gave a radical solution to the hurt and pain in our life.  We find this solution in Colossians 1:15-23.  He sent his son, the faultless Son of God, who holds all things together to dwell among us.  He died on the cross for our sins, demonstrating that he loves us unconditionally and giving us an incredible resource to draw in our pain.  Then Jesus resurrected on the third day conquering death showing that on the Day of Judgment he will set all wrongs right and eradicate pain, suffering and evil.

God’s response to your hurt is not a logical one.  It is a personal one though Jesus Christ.

Thus when hurt comes into our life we must allow the love of God to overwhelm our hurt.  How do you do that?  You practice spiritual disciplines like praying privately and reading your Bible.  Then when the pain comes you have a direct tap into the love of God.  Once you successfully do this you celebrate God’s goodness towards through worship.

God’s reaction to the hurt and pain in this world is not a logical one.  It is a personal one.  He sent Jesus Christ who compassionately and undeservedly died for your sins and rose on the third giving us a solid hope over death and evil.


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