3 Minute Sermon: If God is life then why do I feel so lonely?

Yesterday we asked this very question as the subject of our message.  We can feel lonely and dejected for many reasons.  It could come from the breakup of a relationship like divorce or when you say, “I no longer want to be a part of this anymore.”  You can experience it when physically you change and feel ugly.  Christians have struggled with this problem mightily through the years, including greats like Charles Spurgeon.  Loneliness makes you feel cut off from others and God.

So if God gives life (like Jesus said, “I have come to give life and give it to the full.” (John 10:10) then why do we struggle with loneliness?  There are two men who can answer this question.  First, is Jesus, who became lonely and dejected of soul the night before he died on the cross.  The Bible says he became sorrowful and troubled even unto the point of death.  Jesus was the sinless Son of God and yet he dealt with loneliness.  As a result of Jesus’ sinlessness we can conclude loneliness is not a sin nor a punishment from God. (Matthew 26:36-39)

The second person is David, who struggled with loneliness as well.  He dealt with his loneliness by telling himself the truth, that God is good, that He is his strength, and a light in the darkness.  He confronted the lie of loneliness with the truth.  The deception of loneliness is that God is not good, that he is not our strength.  Even though David’s heart and head wanted to believe the lie, he refused.  He kept telling himself the truth!  (Psalm 73)

So we need to do the same as David did when despondency strike us.  We need to feel the tug of God’s string through the clouds of gloominess.  We need to fan the flame of our faith when we go through a time of dejection.  Do not allow loneliness blow out the flame of faith.


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