Chuckatuck Update, 1.25.13

Here is the latest on the closing of the property.

The deadline to close on the property is February 15, 2013. Before we can close, the three parcels that make up the piece of land have to be merged into one. Other than that everything else is in order. Here are the details of the loan as of now.

The land price is $170,000 and we are placing $80,000 down and financing $90,000. It is a standard loan, 5 years with a 15 year amortization. The loan rate is 5.5% and the monthly payment is $735.38.

So what happens after the closing?

It will look something like this… This spring we will go into a capitol campaign to raise the funds to build the building. We started this process this past Sunday when Scott Hurley came in and did the survey with us. What the campaign will look like and how much money we’ll raise is still in the process. The campaign will be three years.

This past week and a half I have talked to three build/design firms about our project and all have confirmed the project total cost will come in around 2.5 million dollars. This is with a prefabricated steel building and includes most likely (depending on pricing) includes chairs, tables, and all the other fixin’s we’ll need to do ministry from that building. Notice I said ministry, not just worship on Sunday mornings. Our plans are for this building to be a 7 day a week church where the community uses it for various needs- whether that’s an after school program or a medical clinic.

To do the capitol campaign we’ll have the architect design and paint a “pretty picture” of what our property will look like. Hopefully, we can being this “picture” to you sometime around Easter- but don’t hold me to it.

Also, let’s talk a moment about change. We have been changing the last few months and will continue to do so. For example, we stopped doing Shake-n-Howdy in the middle of the service this past fall. We did this for a couple of reasons- one spiritual and one practical. The spiritual reason was the focus of shake-n-howdy had ceased for all intents and purposes of helping unchurched people feel welcome. It had become a time when we talked and caught up with each other. We think we are a friandly church but we often are just friendly with each other. This is not the purpose of a time of worship. The purpose of worship is to exalt God and draw men to him by lifting him up. The practical problem is our plans are to grow to 400 people and the path we’re taking to reach out is by going to two services early in 2014. Simply put, it’s very impractical and poor stewardship to feed 400 people coffee and donuts each Sunday. Plus, the sheer time it would take for people to get coffee in the worship just makes it impractical.

In order for God’s vision for us to be fulfilled we must become a church that focuses on that mission and not on ourselves. Countless churches have become dead and irrelevant because they focus on themselves and not Christ and the those seeking Christ. THe dynamics of how our church does this changes as our church grows.

And speaking of changes, by the end of this year we are looking to go to two services. What will that take to go to two services? What will it look like? What will you hate about it? What opportunities does it give you? How did the other churches make the transition? Why go to two services in the first place? Primarily, it’s the easiest way to double our space so we can reach out to more people. The reason we go to two services in is not because we are overflowing, but because it gives us more opportunities to reproduce our faith in more lives. Again, we’re just starting out on this endeavor. We don’t have all the answers to the questions yet. We are praying over it now. I ask you to join us.

Well, that’s the update… stay tuned for more….


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