Chuckatuck Update, 1/17/13

Last night was a big step forward in our year of BIG faith!

City Council approved our CUP application 8-0.  This clears the way for us to buy the property and to close on it.   Praise God!  His favor was on us!  Thanks to everyone who showed up in support last night too.  It was great to have you all there!  I wish I would have remembered to mention while I was talking to the council.

The next step will be the closing.  Currently all the parties involved are working to get this done as soon as possible.

The next step will be to figure out how we can build a home on the property.  Scott Hurley will be talking to you about that on Sunday.  Scott is helping us raise the resources necessary to build.  He is a great guy and I’m sure you will like him.  We are also beginning the process of talking to architects and design builders on what kind of building we can put up on the property.

A note about the vision on the property.  We are not looking to build a traditional church building.  We are seeking to build a tool that can be used by God to add value to the community.  In keeping with our visionto reach the unchurched, we want to build a building that can be used 7 days a week. So the traditional sancturary space and Sunday School rooms kind of church building will not fit that mold.  Churches in today’s culture are not seen as valuable as they once were.  Therefore, whn one is built in the community it need to be built with the idea inmind of the building itself adding value to the commnity.  This is the mindset we have in mind as we talk about all the details of a building.

Other BIG faith moments are coming in 2013!  God is up to something BIG at Celebration in 2013!


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