10 Life Lessons from Lance Armstrong Confession

  1. People find it harder to forgive when you have betrayed, bullied, and hurt them.
  2. PR campaigns manufacture an image.  They don’t reveal character.
  3. There is a high price to pay socially and personally for putting on an image.
  4. Confession does bring healing and it also can bring wrath!  That’s the hard part.
  5. While forgiveness should always be freely offered, true forgiveness (where reconciliation takes place) can only come with repentance.
  6. When an evil is committed to bring about good it negates the value of that good act.
  7. People can sincerely lie.
  8. The ones who most easily forgive Lance are the ones who are most grateful for his contributions to cancer research and treatment.
  9. The path to forgiveness is not humiliation (Christ was humiliated on our behalf) but repentance (When we accept Christ’s humiliation on our behalf).
  10. Eventually, somewhere and sometime, we all will need forgiveness.  Thank God that he offers it to us through his son Jesus Christ.

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