Chuckatuck Update 12.18.12

I just found out today that Chukatuck is Indian for “crooked creek.”  A little trivia for you.

Well, it finally has arrived!  Our Conditional Use Permit has finally come before the City of Suffolk for approval today.

It was a good day!    After some deliberation in the application to make sure that we could meet more than just on Sundays we permit was approved 8-0 by the committee members.  Even the owner of the property, a former City Councilmen himself, came and spoke in favor of our purchase.  It was passed with a full recommendation from the city planners as well as the commission.

So what’s next?

On January 16th our permit will go before City Council for final approval.  This is a public meeting in the evening and I would invite all of you to come and support it.  Once the council approves of the permit then we can close of the property, which means it most likely will be ours sometime in February/March time frame.

After this we will be looking to raise significant funds to build the on the property.  Right now, we are looking at the first Sunday in May in kicking off the campaign.  We are still in the planning stages of this so all of this is fluid.

Thank you for your prayers.  They are mighty!  Thank you Celebration!



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