Update on Chuckatuck Property 10.24.12

The last time I wrote to you about our property purchase we were in a holding pattern concerning the owner owing roll back taxes.  City officials were going to have to meet, something they rarely do on this matter, in order to get it straightened out.  If you recall, our CUP (Conditional Use Permit) application was stopped because of this issue.  Once this issue is cleared we can continue with our application.

Good news!  The city met (after 4 months) concerning our issue this past Thursday evening.  The meeting was positive but there was one other department in the city (I don’t know which one) they had to check out before proceeding to the next step (Which I believe is for them to go before the planning commission?  Don’t hold me to that.)

Please pray for the process to continue.  Please pray for the city officials involved and for the owner to have much wisdom as they pursue these matters.

Also, please pray that our non-profit status (re) application will go through soon with the Federal government.  We cannot get the loan for the property without this status.

That’s all for now.  I’ll keep you updated as things move along (at a snail’s pace!).


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