3 Ways to Show Respect In Your Family

Family life is important and it can be a struggle many times.  One value every healthy family must possess is respect for each other.  Romans 12:10 says to “Honor one another above yourselves.”  Below are three areas families can show respect to each other.

DINNER TIME-: In the Bible, whenever you saw people eating together, it was noted that there was some type of a deeper relationship that was being formed. Mealtimes give you a chance to check in with each other; they are environments for teaching respect to your children.  Make it a habit to sit down and eat with each other.  As your children get older you have to be more intentional about this habit.  It’s no secret concerning the power of having a family dinner to debrief each other’s day.  It’s important to everyone’s mental health.

DRIVE TIME: Unfortunately the interior of your vehicle has become the modern day living room of our culture. A lot of time is spent traveling to and from school, piano practice, sports lessons and practices, out of town games and tournaments, and trips to see extended family.  Don’t waste this time together.  IN my youth ministry years and as I have been a parent for over 18 years I have found those time between places have been important places for conversations.  The Bible teaches that we are to teach God’s ways as we come and go (DT 6).  We can work at staying connected with our children by showing respect to the potential of our drive times together.  Even now, when I go visit my parents in Indiana, some of the best conversations I have with my Father is in the car going somewhere.

DOWN TIME: Relationships are strengthened not in the business of the world, but in the free time.  We need to respect that dynamic.  When children are young that time spent with them just before bed is so very important.  Taking the time to read a story, or have a conversation, or to sing that silly song for the millionth time matters.  As your children get older that down time looks different.  In our family we try to create down times, like making a fire in the fire pit and roasting Smores.  My son always likes making a fire and my daughter loves Smores.  It makes for a great family time.

Showing respect to each other can be a gift we give to each other- if we take advantage of the time we have to give it.


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