Losing Mocha

Last night we had panic run through our house instead of Mocha, our dog.  Unbeknowst to our son Mocha had ran out to be with him in the woods.  By the time he realized what was going on she had wandered off into the rainy woods.

So you know what you do when your dog wanders off.  You start looking for her.  You walk around the neighborhood screaming, “Mooooocha!”  You hope she can hear you.  Dietrich and I set off on a long walk through the woods searching for her.  Lisa drove around in different neighborhoods.  She posted it on Facebook.  We looked for her until it was too dark.

10 PM came and went and there was still no Mocha.  Everyone went to bed praying that somehow she would come back home.  I didn’t go to bed right away.  I decided to do some late night work and about 11:30 PM and that’s when  I heard a scratch at the door.  Sure enough, there she was all cold and wet.  She came back home.

I let her in and woke everybody up!  Mocha is home!  Everyone was thrilled beyond reason.  We had a happy home once again.

As everyone rejoiced I couldn’t but think on how our heavenly Father celebrates when we come to him after we have wandered off.  May we never tire of his joy!


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