Coming From a Loud Place

Despite our instincts, almost all the big change in your walk with Jesus, almost all the important stuff like developing a heart with kindness and forgiveness, doesn’t get started from a big, loud place.

In the Christian world there is lot of “loud” stuff going on.  Thousands of Christian books are printed every year.  There are multiple full time cable channels like TBN, the Church Channel, the Angel Network, with preachers shouting their message all across the airwaves.  You can’t forget radio too.  Hundreds of Christian radio programs are out there telling us how to be a better Christian parent, friend, lover, and the list goes on.  Then there are all the conferences, campmeetings, and revivals you can go to encourage you to change and challenge your faith.  As a Christian it can be so easy to get caught up in whatever preacher and teacher and their loud “life changing” message.  Oh, and I cannot forget the Christian music scene with all the great hooks and rhymes to keep us strong too.  There is a lot of shoutin’ and jumpin’ goin’ on!  But according the research study Reveal there is little life change.

Real change doesn’t come from all the loud stuff.  Real change comes from the small, still voice of God who lives within your heart.  It’s in that place where God will capture your imagination.  It’s in that place where God will change you for the good.  It’s that place where God will speak to you in a most marvelous way.   Sometimes all the loud “Christian” stuff can drown out the very voice of God speaking directly to you.

That’s why real growth takes place in pursuing spiritual disciplines like reading your Bible, praying in your closet, attending worship, and being involved in personal Christian relationships.  These are all activities that cultivate the heart to hear the voice of Jesus.  While the loud stuff might be helpful in pointing you to the right direction, it’s the small still voice of God that will change your life forever.


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