The Roaches of Sin and the Righteousness of Christ

I heard a really gross story today about a family that had to put tissue in their ears to keep cockroaches from climbing in.

The home they lived in was government housing and it had a huge roach problem.  As you entered the home you would see the roaches crawling around in the daylight. The glue traps that were set for mice were filled with waving antennae waiting to die.  When you opened a drawer the roaches would scatter.  The family had tried several different fogs and pesticides but nothing worked.

Worse was nighttime when they would crawl on the bed searching for food.  There were so many that they had to serach far for nourishment.  One evening a roach crawled onto a pillow and into the ear of the tenant.  Ewww!  Now, one interesting fact about roaches is they cannot crawl backward, only forward.  So once they are in your ear they just keep moving forward causing pain and damage all along the way.  Really disgusting, right?  She ended up in the emergency room to take care of the problem.

Surprisingly, she won’t move right now either.  She can’t afford to.  Plus, the neighborhood is good.  The crime is low and the kids can play with safety.  So she says, “You get used to it.  You live with them.”

The preacher in me couldn’t help but relate the cockroaches to sin.  It’s everywhere.  It infects everything. It scatters i the daylight. In many ways it only moves forward, not backward, causing more and more damage and pain along the way.  It causes emergencies relationally and emotionally.  It’s so pervasive that you say, “You get used to it.  You live with it.”

But Jesus didn’t come to help us live with sin.  He came to eradicate it!  He prayed for God’s Kingdom to reign in our hearts.  He defeated sin and death.  He has given us a spirit of victory and not defeat!

We rationalize sin.  “Well, I’m good enough.  It’s just the way that I am.  I can’t do anything about it.  Everyone’s a sinner.”  Notice all the “I’s” in those reasons.  Take the focus off of you and you live with roaches.  Place it on Christ and you live with saints.  His grace murders sin.  Why?  He is good enough!  Holiness is just the way He is!  And He can do something about it!   And did!

Don’t live with the roaches of sin.  Live with the righteousness of Christ.


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