Chuckatuck Update 9/21/12


There is not much new to tell you about the Chuckatuck property, except that we are waiting on the city to work with the owner on the tax issue.  Currently the Tax Assessor is working on getting with a committee to resolve the issue.  We have also signed a new addendum to the contract giving us more time to complete the CUP process (due to the tax issue taking so long) and the removal of all fees for being late in our end of the contract.


Concerning fundraising.  The elders are talking with different fundraisers to determine the best options for raising funds.  As I already said we are in Phase 1 now as in we praying for the 2.3 million dollars needed to be debt free when we move into the building.


I will keep you posted with further updates.


Part of the reason we are having worship in Chuckatuck for our church picnic is to introduce our church to the community.  We will be putting flyers up around town inviting people to come.  Our hope is some people will come check us out and here the about Jesus.


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