7 Penetrating Questions to Ask About Your Faith

The questions you ask demonstrate what you value the most.  For example, you may tell your child to do their best but you ask them if they got an ‘A’ on the test.  In your question you are communicating that you value the A over the hard work.  A church leader may say they value reaching out to the lost but he always asks what the offering amount was.  He is communicating that money is the most valuable trait in his view of ministry.  If your spouse is in an accident and you ask, “How is the car?” before you ask about your mate, then you are communicating the car is more valuable than your spouse!

What kind of questions do you ask when it comes to your faith?  What do those questions reveal about what you value in your life and faith?  One of the best methods to reinforce the values you want in your faith is to ask yourself questions that reflect the values you want most.  Here are seven questions you can ask of your faith which wil reinforce key values in your walk with Jesus.

Question 1: What has happened recently in your faith that has made you feel successful in what God has called you to do?  The value in this question is God has a plan and purpose for your life.  Are you living it out?

Question 2: Who needs to be sitting at your table?  Who needs to be there helping you, encouraging you, admonishing you in your walk with Jesus?  Who is looking out for your heart?  You cannot do faith alone.  You need some people at the table.  The value in this question is Christian community.  God never intended our faith to be done alone.

Question 3: What are you pretending to be excited about in your faith?  Too many times in Christianity we hear an idea or an inspiring story and we manufacture our excitement about the inspiration instead of an enthusiasm being born of the Holy Spirit in our hearts.  Sometimes we want it so bad that we create it ourselves instead of waiting on the Lord.  I’ve seen this phenomenon happen in many people’s lives.  They get all hyped at first, but after a while they tire and it get frustrated because it takes too much energy to keep it up and they end up leaving the church and/ or their faith. The value here is to lead a Spirit led life.

Question 4: Where do I make the greatest contribution to the body of Christ and the mission of the church?  The mission of the church is to train people to love God and others with great commitment.  Where do your talents and God given abilities fit into that picture?  Are you effectively using them?  The value here is service.  Jesus has called all His followers to be servants of God.  Where do you make the best fit to the organization of the church?  The flip side to this thought is the question: What do I need to stop doing?

Question 5: Are you keeping up?  God blesses us when we move with him.  Jesus said the Holy Spirit moves like the wind.  Sometimes he moves quickly and other times in a gentle whisper.  Are you keeping up with him?  The Bible instructs us to keep in step with the Spirit.  The value here is following Jesus.  Are you following him?

Question 6: What have you fallen in love with that no longer the best way to ____________________________?  We all have certain approaches to our faith that we really like and LOOOVVVEE!  Over time those approaches and patterns can become outdated, or immature, or inappropriate for your life stage (It’s like you have fallen in love with 80’s fashion but its no longer appropriate).  The value here is growth.  The Bible says spiritually we should move from baby’s milk to eating solid foods.  What have you fallen in love with that’s keeping you from growing to be more like Jesus?

Question 7: If you were someone else, how would they handle the growth of your faith?  Take a moment and look at your faith through someone else’s eyes.  What would Paul say to you?  Peter?  What would a missionary say to you?  What would a martyr say to you?  What would Abraham or Moses say to you about your faith?  The value here is living in the context of a historical faith.  Your faith is not alone, but part of a long and cherished history of men and women who lived totally committed lives to Jesus Christ.  What would they do?

What questions would you add?  What values do they reflect?


One thought on “7 Penetrating Questions to Ask About Your Faith

  1. This is just what I needed to hear. I’ve been struggling in a few areas in my walk with Christ, that your questions just happened to touch on. Thanks 🙂
    – Jacquie

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