The Story of Donna

Yesterday I briefly told you about Donna, a lady we baptized on Easter Sunday. Let me tell you a little bit more about her story.

When she arrived at our church, about an hour before service, she had been homeless for a week. She had traveled here from Maryland to live with her sister. Shortly after arriving Donna’s sister was arrested and Donna out of a home. She had no where to go. She had no other family or friends in the area. So she ended up wandering the streets of Suffolk getting by as best as she could. She slept in the hospital one night. She barely ate.

She went to three different churches for help. Two churches just gave her the number of the women’s shelter downtown, and a third merely dropped her off at the doors of the building. The problem was this shelter has been closed for at least 6 months now. No one bothered to know if it was even open.

After all this hardship she wandered into our doors. Lost, lonely, and desperate for a helping hand. Our church kicked in on Easter. We accepted her, loved on her, and we sought to help her. She was so moved by the generosity and the worship service that she decided to give her life to the Lord, and we baptized her. She may not appreciate it fully yet, but we helped her with more than some shelter and food. We showed her the pathway to Jesus, who saved her soul! Praise God! I loved what she said when she came up out of the water, “I can feel it!”

After Sunday Angie took her to the store and Donna ran into one of ministers that merely gave her an address. He asked her if he found the place and she said she did. Donna also said the place was closed. The minister just walked away.

Angie bought her some food, and the church put her up in a hotel for a couple days. Then she decided to go back to Maryland so we bought her a bus ticket home. We gave her a Celebration T-shirt to be baptized in and she wore it home. It had become a special treasure to her. She doesn’t know it but she is a special treasure me. For one day I will see her in heaven, and that is the greatest treasure of all!


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