Chuckatuck Update

Here is the latest on the Chuckatuck property this week.  There are three updates:

1)      The contract negotiations for the property with the owner have been completed!  Yea!  This means the property is now officially off the market while we pursue the CUP and financing!  One big part of the negotiation was the end date.  We were seeking enough time to do the CUP and so wanted a due date in November with closing being secured by December 31.  The owner has agreed to these dates so now on to the next part of the process.

2)      Financing. We are going to secure the financing before we pursue the CUP.  After speaking with several companies we have decided to pursue the loan either with BB&T Bank or Christian Financial Resources.  Of course, you are familiar with BB&T.  Church Financial Resources is a company based out of Florida and their sole purpose is to finance churches in capital projects.  They have existed for 32 years and have helped churches in Virginia.  Malcolm Puckett, who many of you may know as the associate minister at Avalon Church of Christ is their representative.  Please be in prayer as we pursue a loan with either of these two companies.

3)      Fundraising.  Now for us to be able to build there we are going to have to raise money.  If we have the goal of having a home there then we are going to have to underwrite it.  I already have had a couple fundraisers contact me about how to do this.  I’ll be honest.  I wish we didn’t have to go through this process. I understand that this can be a time of incredible growth numerically and spiritually for our church, and for me. I wish God would just dump the money in our lap! I will pray for just that!

Concerning fundraising I have a dream.  Wouldn’t it be awesome  that we raised so much money over what we needed that the interest off of it would pay for the administrative part of our budget completely (salaries, utilities, etc.)?  That way 100% of the offering would go to ministry and benefit the community?  I think that would be incredibly awesome.


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